Retarded Ejaculation

The term ‘retarded ejaculation’ (RE) mean inability of the man to reach a climax. However, in most of the cases, the sufferer can actually achieve orgasm during masturbation – but not during sexual intercourse. RE is the third most common male sexual disorder – after impotence (erectile dysfunction) (ED or impotence) and premature ejaculation. It is not easily treatable in Allopathic system of medicines, and to date only 58 out of 100 cases shown signicant improvement. All of these successful couples were well-motivated, and willing to persevere with long-term therapy. The old term for this condition was ‘ejaculatory incompetence’, but that unfortunate expression is now being dropped, because it suggested that the person was ‘incompetent’ in some way.
So, most sex therapists now prefer to say ‘retarded ejaculation’. This disorder is not all that common, and nowhere near as frequently seen as the other two main male sexual problems.. So there is remarkably little in the medical literature on this subject, apart from the pioneering works of Masters and Johnson, Helen Kaplan and her associates in the USA and Hakim Hashmi in India. It tends to occur mainly in men who have been rather strictly brought up, and who are very ‘controlled’ in their lives. Some of them have terrific ‘drive’ and detachment, and have risen almost to the top of their professions. They may have difficulty in showing emotions, and in ‘letting go’.
Other possible causative factors which have been identified by sexologists include:
In his youth, a man may not feel that he has any problem, and indeed may well assume that all other men are the same as him. When they first have intercourse, these guys are often very popular with their partners – for the simple reason that they can keep going for two or three hours! But when they get into a regular relationship, especially one in which the couple hope to have children, RE can be a major problem. Both the man and woman may become sore and frustrated, and the female partner often feels resentful (or even insulted) that her man does not ejaculate when they make love. Not surprisingly, it is common for men with RE to have had several broken relationships – because their partners have decided that they want somebody who can ‘come’.
Sometimes the man seeks help after a divorce. More commonly, a couple may ask for treatment when they are getting desperate to have a baby. Nearly always, RE is found more to be a psychological problem. . But there is one major exception. Ejaculation problems quite often occur suddenly in men who have had no previous difficulties, but who have recently been put on certain medications, particularly antidepressants, by their doctors.In these cases, a change in medication will usually cure the problem. Excessive use of alcohol can also cause difficulty in ejaculation, as can some ‘recreational’ drugs.
Serious spinal injuries can also create major problems with achieving ejaculation. They are outside the scope of this article, but it is worth noting here that men who have this type of injury can produce an ejaculate, and can therefore father children, by means of electrical stimulation of the prostate area (‘electro-ejaculation’). There have been many authenticated claims made for yoga, Unani & Ayurvedic as modes of treatment. Retarded ejaculation is a frustrating and trying condition for both partners. But with some expert help – and a determination to persist with therapy – you can defeat it.


Inability to retract the fore skin due to adhesions between the foreskin and the glans is called phimosis. it may lead to pain,frenal tear or paraphimosis during intercourse and also predisposes to recurrent infections. Somewhat this also prevents ejaculation or delay the ejaculation. Some neurological disorders also causes disturbances in ejaculation. This should be consulted & treated accordingly.