Peyronie's disease

Pyronie’s disease is not really a disease at all. It is a condition that develop in the penis as a result of repeated trauma such as hitting or bending that causes localized bleeding from with in. It usually starts with a small bump on your penis, which then begins to harden into a noticeable lump. Having an erection soon becomes painful.This lump is scar tissue that develops in the healing process and in most cases will heal itself without treatment in 6 to 12 months.
Peyronie’s disease occurs in about one percent of men usually middle-aged & older men. Plaque can sometime from at the top of the penis, causing the end of the erection to point toward the floor or to either side. The course of the disease varies from man to man. It may stabilize & evolve on further. In more severe cases surgery is necessary to restore sexual function.But by far the best treatment for peyronie’s is the body’s own nature ability to heal itself.
Unani herbal medicines activated the body’s healing mechanism effectively to heal and cure the disorders effectively .


Hypospadias is a birth defect found in boys in which, urinary tract opening is not located properly at the tip of the penis. This occurs about in one in a 1000 male births. When a boy is born with hypospadias there is a 20% chance of finding hypospadias in another family member such as a father or a brother. There are varying degrees of severity hypospadias “Chordee” a bending of the penis on erection some time occurs with hypospadias.The ability to stand & urinate is important for boys. When the urethra opens before to stand and urinate with a direct stream. The youngster who has to sit to urinate is at an extreme social disadvantage additionally as an adult male a straight penis is necessary for satisfactory sexual function & reproduction.

Other abnormalities

In some men it is found loose bent & abnormally small penis. This happens due to sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea or chlamydia which was not treated at the first stage it self. Due to some birth defect some people have very small penises. Most penis abnormalities are successfully treated through herbal particularly unani herbal treatments.