Venereal diseases :

Venereal diseases - Those communicated through sexual intercourse are extremely dangerous. The main venereal diseases are Gonorrhoea & Syphilis. Gonorrhoea is an inflammatory disease, which affects specially the mucous membrane of the urethra in the male. But it spreads to other parts of the body also. In men it is characterised by irritation in the urethra, scalding pain on passing and a viscid discharge yellowish white in colour. The glands in the groin often enlarge and may also suppurate. The urine is cloudy and threads of pus are visible to the naked eye. If the disease is not attended to in the primary stage then the result is impotence.
The other venereal disease is Syphilis. At the time of commencement it shows a characteristic sore at the site of the infection. In later stages, it produces morbid conditions similar to those produced by leprosy and tuberculosis. A small ulcer appears at the site of the infection which is accompanied by a typical hardness of tissue immediately around & benefit it, and characterized by resistance to all healing treatment. If not treated properly at the primary stages, then in the secondary stages commences with fever, loss of appetite, vague pain through out the body & a faint red rash seen best on the chest. The final or tertiary stage develops after the lapse of some months or year masses of granulation tissue appear throughout the body. They are hard nodules or there may be tumor like masses in the muscles. The final blow or the coup de grace is the diseases of the arteries & the nervous system. So the process to erectile dysfunction is thus complete.
In this stage only unani herbalism can treat the impotence not other system of medicines.

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