Masturbation :

Masturbation is a deliberate stimulation of the genitals for pleasure i.e. to ejaculate semen with the help of hand, which may or may not be fold the palm & fingers over the penis, in a way to encircle it and produce friction by to and fro movements, till ejaculation is reached. Various other methods such as making coital movements against bed cloths, a pillow,pressing against some objects etc. also noticed One develop this habit due to bad company, for the momentary physical enjoyment one gradually addicted & accustomed to this bad habit and it become difficult to get rid of it. They are not aware of the truth that this momentary enjoyment weakens them, when they grow, they are too weak to enjoy their married life. Excess masturbation seriously affects the full development of genitals (penis).This lead to mental & physical weakness and destroys self confidence. This habit seriously affects the full development of genitals (penis). They will become sick of society with irritating & frustrated temperament in many cases excess masturbation leads to frequent night discharge, passing of semen before or after urination. Digestive system becomes weak and because of this their health deteriorates even after taking rich diet. To come out of this bad habit one needs a strong will power. If this habit becomes obsessive or compulsive then it is necessary to consult for a cure. Masturbation is not a good habit and it should be avoided to make life happier & healthier .

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