Old Age :

Some times blind acceptance of cultural myths can dampen desire to the point of extinction. That is especially true of sex and the aged. "In the genetic field, one of the last bastions of culturally enforced ignorance persists in the area sex & sexuality" observed a renowned sex therapist. The widely accepted cultural dogma that sexual interaction between older persons is not only socially unacceptable, but may be physically harmful, results in thousands of men & women withdrawing from active sexual expression every year. This results in impotence. It is true you can’t do at 60 what you did at 20. As a man grows older, he walks slow, he talks slow. One needs to remember that this is a normal phenomenon. Some are under the impression that "one failure in making it means an end to sex life". As a result, many men move from effective sexual functioning to various degrees of impotence. the misconception that "sex after 60 is not possible" needs to be changed.
Men & women can continue to remain sexually active till the last day of their lives provided they are in sound physical and mental health. The common reasons for a reduced sex drive in later years are:
Monotony and loss of interest
Changes in physical appearance
Misconception about one’s waning sexuality
Lack of communication
These hurdles can be overtaken. We assure the older people that a healthy conjugal relation ship is a normal and acceptable form of behavior, at any age, because sexuality is as important for the old as it is for the young.
Our unani herbal preparation rejuvenates the body mechanism so as you can feel young and perform like young.


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