(1) Is sexual abstinence advantageous?
ANS- Prolonged sexual abstinence may be detrimental to mental and physical health. There are people who are under the impression that sexual abstinence is conducive to human health and happiness. Because of this misguided belief, they make an attempt to conserve the so-called "energy" by sexual abstinence. The moment they are unable to do this they get a feeling of guilt and anxiety that they have done something detrimental to their health. When this is repeated several times, the roots of the problems get deeper & deeper. Consistent suppression of the sex drives leads to inability to concentrate insomnia, irritability and extreme nervousness. The extend of disturbance depends upon the individuals own mental state and the environment. At times, the consistent suppression and continued inactivity of the sex organ lead to diminished ability to function- besides, it would be a serious mistake to harbor any misconceptions about celibacy as, "Celibacy is not hereditary".
(2) Can hepatitis (jaundice) lead to sexual problems?
ANS-Yes it kills appetite for sex, in addition, the fear of transmitting or acquiring the disease via sexual contact adds anxiety to the existing problem.
(3) Is there any relation between sex and obesity?
ANS- On the face of it, sex and obesity may have no connection at all. Often sexual inadequacy may lead to anxiety and depression which may result in increased food intake in some individuals hormonal disturbances may also lead to obesity- this may produce interference with normal sexual functioning and over all sluggish behavior. Sedentary habits and lack of exercise are common in obese individuals. This may result in flabby muscles & sexual pleasure may decrease as the specific muscles that play a part in lovemaking get easily fatigued.
(4) What are the causes of decline in sexual desire?
ANS-The desire could decline situationally because of several reasons like - dislike of partner, his/ her body odor, his/ her behavior, disturbed interpersonal relationship, any bereavement, loss, stress, disappointments or sexual incompatibility. It may also decline if there is fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. The lowering of desire could be due to depression or schizophrenia. Constitutional disorders responsible for decline in sexual desire could be due to testicular or ovarian pathology, liver pathology etc. the desire may also decline owing to other endocrine disturbances and drugs like anti hypertensive, psychotropic, cimetidine and certain ayurvedic preparations.


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