Impotency Basic :

In an impotence stage - one has a desire for intercourse but he is helpless since his penis does not have an erection. The genital organ will become a paralyzed part of the body. Even if he achieves some erection, he discharges before intercourse -(this disorder ruins the married life). The ill effect of impotency not only befalls on man and his wife becomes very much disappointed & frustrated. Not only the satisfaction of the sexual desire but the desire of having a child is more important to her. To fulfil this desire she flirts away and ends into the hands of other man. By which a heaven like home will turn into a hell.
The affliction is not very uncommon and can best be categorized into organic and psychological. Organic impotence may be caused by lesions of the external genitalia, e.g. a tight foreskin, disturbances of the endocrine glands such as diminished activity of the gonads, thyroid gland, or pituitary gland; diseases of the central nervous system such as loco motor ataxia (disordered movement of the limbs in walking) excessive alcoholism is also a cause of impotence. As a result of depression, stress, fatigue, fear, ignorance, loss of desire, desire abnormalities can cause psychological impotency. Excessive masturbation, too much sexual indulgence, child hood abuse, venereal diseases also considered the causes of erectile dysfunction.
Known reasons for impotency is: -
In diabetes about 35 to 50% of men will experience impotency!
Blockage in arteries !
Disease of the erectile tissue of the penis!
Pelvic surgery/or trauma!
Side effects of the medications!
Chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure!
Hormonal abnormalities!
Alcoholism and drug abuse!
Heavy smoking !
Peyronic disease (bending of the penis)!
According to sexologist most common causes of organic impotence is due to diabetes, vascular disorders & radical surgeries.
In Old World medical annals prolonged masturbation, childhood sex abuses over sexual indulgence are considered as causes of impotency.

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