Healthy Sex :

The first step of healthy sex is to maintain sexual hygiene. Sexual hygiene involves developing & maintaining a healthy sexuality & preventing sexual disorders. One should clean the private parts and is not a taboo. It also draws early attention to any local pathology and prevents the development of any skin infections. One should clean the genital organ, especially retracting the foreskin up to the base of the glans penis. This prevents the development of phimosis, which is a painful condition & may lead to complications like paraphimosis. A woman must wash the vagina in a direction away from vagina and not towards it, to prevent fecal contamination of the vagina & urethra.
Sexual knowledge is an essential requirement for a healthy sex life. Do not be under pressure to perform or respond. Try to get familiar with your own & your partner's anatomy. Communicate mutual likes & dislikes. Adequate communication is vital for a healthy & mutually satisfying sex life. Avoid being monotonous. Be innovative & try different positions. Devote adequate time for foreplay and afterplay. Remember sensual is sex.
Romance need not end with marriage. Romance rejuvenates passion, making one's sex life more enjoyable. Do not carry the work problems into the bedroom. Be stress free to enjoy a sexual bliss.
Avoid stress, smoking, and alcohol. Proper weight, balanced diet, regular exercises & yoga are essential for a better sex life.What is good for the whole body is good for sex.
Always avoid the company of prostitutes. If you go to them,then you will ruin your wealth, health & youth, and many dangerous diseases may affect you.
Always avoid too much of spicy food, alcohol or wine, tobacco or drugs & excess of tea & coffee.
Get your self thoroughly examined by a competent physician / practitioner before marriage. If you suffer from any disorder/ disease immediately consult the competent physician & get treated.
How often coitus should be made?
Generally it is not replied by anyone. Since it is a personal matter and it differs from one another. This depend upon the sexual capacity, desire for sex, nature of his/ her work, physical health & natural urge. The frequency of coitus is much more among the couples who are in their early twenties or in the early months of their marriage than among those who have been married for long .

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