Caues of Childlessness :

Once married, every couple expects to have their own babies. It is their first and foremost dream. But it is impossible to predict when an individual couple will succeed in achieving pregnancy. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that some eggs do not fertilize and some of the fertilized eggs do not grow well in the early developmental stage. However over a period of one year the chance of achieving a successful pregnancy is between 80% to 90%. In other words 7 out of 8 couple will be on their way to becoming parents with in a year. These are the normal "fertile" couples and the rest are labeled as "infertile". And if you have been having sexual intercourse two or three times a week, at about the time of ovulation without any form of birth control for a year or more and have not become pregnant, you meet the definition of being "infertile". Couples who have never has a child are said to have "primary infertility", those women who have become pregnant at least once, but are unable to conceive again said to have "secondary infertility".

Eminent Unani Hakeem describes that the chances of achieving pregnancy for a couple in a given cycle depend upon many factors, and the most important ones are: -

The age of the woman. As age increase the number of eggs and their quality starts decreases.

Frequency of intercourse, couples who have less frequent intercourse have diminished chance of conceiving.

"Trying time" that is how long the couples have been trying to get pregnant. This is an important concept. The longer a couple has been trying to conceive without success, the lesser their chances of getting pregnant without medical help.

The presence of fertility problems.
There are certain conditions that necessitate getting medical help.
Periods occurring at three week (or less) intervals.
Periods not occurring for longer than three months.
Irregular periods.
A history of pelvic infection.
Two or more miscarriages.
Women over the age of 35 years since time is running out.
Men who have prostate infection.
Men whose tests are not felt in the scrotum.
Men with a low sperm count.
Men & women afflicted with STD.
Those with diabetes.

According to a saying if infertile couples had more than 100 years, in which to breed, most wives would not get pregnant without any treatment at all. Yet time is at premium, so the odds need to be improved. And this where medical treatment comes in and effectively speaking unani herbalism steps in.

Beyond these conditions there are vital points one has to remember to enhance one's fertility potential.

WOMEN who are significantly overweight or underweight can face difficulties in getting pregnant. Proper diet and exercise are important for optimal reproductive function. Here excessive exercise can also adversely affect ovulation.

1. smoking : -Women who smokes take longer to conceive. In men, smoking decreases sperm count.
2.  alcoholism: -Alcohol intake in men decreases sperm & excessive alcohol consumption leads to erctile dysfunction. In women it causes abnormalities in pregnancy.
3. MEDICINE :- Regular medications of modern medicine in certain ailments like ulcer, high blood pressure etc, causes low sperm count & negative side effects that causes infertility problems in both man & woman.
4. drug addiction: - Drugs such as marijuana, opium anabolic steroids cause infertility. And also it is desirable to limit the intake of tea, coffee, soft drinks which contains caffeine

Here unani herbalism have solutions to rectify the damages occur due to the above cited reasons. So do not loose heart. In modern medicine, in order to understand why pregnancy does not occur, they examine four critical areas, which are needed to make baby-eggs, fallopian tubes, sperm and embryo implantation. The required tests, which often seem endless, will actually fall into one of these areas. In 40% with the female and in 10% both partners will have a problem. About 10% of the cases, no specific causes can be identifies even after exhaustive testing. Modern medicine calls this "Unexplained infertility" simply means the doctors do not know why the couples are infertile- it is a confession of the ignorance of modern medicine.

"Unani herbalism" the science of life with its vast experience, ceaseless research & traditional knowledge solves this 'unexplained infertility' also.

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