Marraige :

A marriage is an union - ideally a close or intimate association. it is not mearly the legal or religious formalization of a social institution. In married life, the most common complaint is of sexual dissatisfaction with one's spouse. Knowledge of sex and its play is very much important because in some cases lack of knowledge leads a marriage to hell. People are found very much in misunderstanding in their married life. In some cases husband's concern whether his wife is satisfied or not leads to an inability to perfom well. The husband might be indulged in masturbation, homosexual act or any other unnatural sexual act and feel that his organ has become weak. In these case husband in his inferiority complex, unable to perform well. It creates a very bad impression about him in the minds of the dissatisfied or disappointed wife . This makes the marriage unsuccessful. In other way round, the wife can not give pleasure to husband because her inabilities in sex organ, ignorance etc.
Actually total enjoyment in intercourse may be divided into two parts, first the pleasure of excitement in love play and the second pleasure is in the actual performance of intercourse upto the ponit of climax. The pleasure in the first part is fully dependent on the mental concentration towards the sexual thoughts & activities. In most of cases, the female reaches the cimax later than man. There are some reasons behind it. Some man have extended orgamic control, but women wants to withdarw earlier. This inequal, climaxical disparity leads to martial discard & disenchantment between couples. So these thing should be discussed or consulted, or if necessary treatment should be taken. Without proper consultation, taking pills, drugs & other things, is highly dangerous for health. In long run the person will loose all his sexual potentiality and a stage will come then even after taking such pills & drugs he will be helpless to achieve the required potentiality. If the married life is in problems because of sexual inablities than it is better to consult a competent physicianGoogle

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