Diabetes :

According to medical research, in diabetes about 35 to 50% of men will experience impotency. The causes could be vascular, neurological or psychological. In diabetes impotence, the history is suggestive of presence of desire but decline in erectile ability at all times. Usually the onset of the problem is gradual. In some, the presenting symptoms could be premature ejaculation and rarely retrograde ejaculation. Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) in diabetes afflicts urinary track infections and if this is not treated then it leads to sexual dysfunction. Diabetes causes infertility in both men & women. It creates loss of libido. Thus in diabetes sexuality become a first victim and it leads to erectile dysfunction. Since diabetes affects, kidneys & nervous system it causes sexual problems.
Western researcher observe that undetected diabetes, the most common cryptical physical cause of impotence, may also cause ejaculatory disturbances, but it seems to impair the erectile mechanism more profoundly or at least equally.

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